Schenectady Legends Win First IBA Championship

Lloyd Johnson
Lloyd Johnson

It was a wild, up-and-down the court championship game in Kankakee on Sunday with the regular season winner Schenectady Legends coming out on top 154-137 over the Kenosha Ballers. It was the second championship for the Legends franchise, first in the Independent Basketball Association (IBA). The Albany Legends won the International Basketball League (IBL) in their inaugural season of 2010.

Schenectady co-captain Lloyd “Pooh” Johnson scored 61 points, a new IBA championship game record, and was named ArenaSportsNet MVP.

The Legends (13-0) completed an undefeated fall season while Kenosha finished 9-5 overall.

 Boxscore 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Kenosha Ballers 30 26 39 42 137
Schenectady Legends 34 38 38 44 154
2014 IBA Fall season champions
2014 IBA Fall season champions

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