Schenectady Legends Raise Over $5000

IBA league-leading and undefeated Schenectady Legends, “Rim Rocking Pro Ball with Community Purpose”

The Legends remained true to their slogan during their 2014 Mohawk Valley home season tour by raising over $5000 by working together with deserving youth and community organizations.

SchenectadyLegendsHead Coach and former Siena Saints great, Scott Knapp said, “not only has this been a tremendous success on the court so far, but we have been able to have an outstanding impact on our community as well. By working with local charitable organizations in each of the communities where we played this year, we were able to provide rim rocking entertainment as well as share much needed financial support to these very worthy organizations.”

Team owner Steve Miller added, “our organization has worked so hard to put the best team we can on the floor and into the community. It has truly paid off not only for the Legends but for many youth groups and organizations we worked with in 2014. We plan to and will do more in the future. We learn every day and we are growing together, with wonderful support, fans and community groups. This is an exciting time for the Schenectady Legends. I am equally impressed by the character of our players and every member of the organization.”

This year the Legends shared 20% of ticket revenue sold by organizations and 100% of home game concession stand sales. In one case, the players stepped up and donated part of their paychecks, which was later matched by the Legends front office for a very worthy cause.

Author: Scott Ludwig

Tech enthusiast, marketing and media. @Ludwig_Media

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