Gallup Helps Legends Stay Undefeated, Earns Player Of The Week


E.J. Gallup is a veteran pro basketball player with experience playing around the globe. The 33-year old Gloversville native graduated from Division I program Coastal Carolina in 2004. Since then he has played in Holland and Germany, but has returned “home” to play for the Schenectady Legends in search of an IBA championship.

The Legends (4-0) remained undefeated last week defeating the Binghamton Pioneers 138-113. Gallup scored a season-high 46 points (5 rebounds, 4 assists) in the victory to raise his average to 34.5 points-per-game this season. For his efforts Gallup is the Week 10 Arena Sports Net IBA Player of the Week.

2014 IBA Players of the Week

  • Week 1: Fred Gardner, Kankakee County Soldiers
  • Week 2: Thomas Cobb, Kenosha Ballers
  • Week 3: Marlowe Currie, St. Louis Trotters
  • Week 4: Tyray Petty, Kenosha Ballers
  • Week 5: Lonnell Johnson, St. Louis Trotters
  • Week 6: Devron Bostick, Kenosha Ballers
  • Week 7: none
  • Week 8:Lloyd Johnson, Schenectady Legends
  • Week 9: Devron Bostick, Kenosha Ballers
  • Week 10: E.J. Gallup, Schenectady Legends

Author: Scott Ludwig

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