IBA Welcomes Kansas City Kryptonite


The IBA is pleased to announce the addition of a new franchise, the Kansas City Kryptonite. A professional team based out of Kansas City, the initial roster features players from Missouri, Arizona, Germany and western Kansas. Nate Bowie, a professional basketball player recently signing in Greece, teamed up with veteran coach William Collins to preserve the essence of a Kansas City professional team.

Both co-owners are currently seeking sponsorship and sponsorship packages to help this non-profit organization survive. “Kansas City is lacking that professional team to put Kansas City above other cities. We have the best high school players, colleges, but nothing else after these levels are available for players. So we decide to help players dreams come true in anyway possible,” stated Nate Bowie.

Richard Rivera’s company (2 Da Hole) based out of Rhode Island, decided to jump on board and supply the team with apparel used for practices and games. More information can be seen on the Kansas City Kryptonite website.

Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: William Collins

Assistant Coach: Nate Bowie


  • Aaron Jackson | College: Emporia State University
  • Marcus McKinney | College: Graceland University
  • Louis Lowe
  • Brandon Redmond
  • Terrance Hill | College: Loyola (IL)
  • Tyler Williams | College: Emporia State University
  • Andr Moupin | College: Emporia State University
  • Brent Simmons | College: Highland Community College, Emporia State University
  • Hassan Stewart
  • Brent Schuck
  • Xavier Burnette | College: Emporia State University
  • Alex Hughes
  • Lee Ames
  • Daniel Nery Cardoso | College: Missouri Valley College, Emporia State University

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